The Top Five of Ketamine Treatment

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The Top Five of Ketamine Treatment

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By Stephen Gasper, MD

A well-respected attending physician at a reputable teaching center was known for his ‘five things’ methodology of teaching. For any complaint, there were five diagnoses that medical students had to consider first. For any diagnosis, there were five points students had to address, etc.

In that spirit, I present to you the five things you need to know about Ketamine infusion therapy treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and bipolar disorder.

  1. Ketamine works quickly. Once Ketamine is being administered in a steady infusion, full effect of the acute administration will occur within ten minutes. Its antidepressant effects start in a matter of hours or days, unlike most antidepressants which can take weeks of consistent dosing to become effective.
  2. Ketamine works for most anybody. With few exceptions, Ketamine is a medical therapy that is available to all adults suffering from symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. And it works about 80% of the time, whereas traditional oral medications can only help about 60% of those suffering from depression.
  3. Ketamine is very safe. You cannot overdose on Ketamine. Ketamine is used at much higher (dissociative) doses in the hospital setting for painful or unpleasant procedures and does not depress the respiratory or cardiovascular system.
  4. Ketamine is not addictive. Unlike opioids, which can quickly and easily lead to tolerance, addiction, and dependance, Ketamine does not require higher dosing for its effects, and does not trigger the reward system like opioids do.
  5. Ketamine is well tolerated. Ketamine infusions are described as generally pleasant experiences by patients, and side effects are generally short-lived and easily treated. Patients will sometimes experience increased salivation or nausea which can usually be pre-treated effectively. Unlike oral medication, which can cause drowsiness, loss of libido, and other problems.

As the owner and medical director of KDI Health, I personally administer Ketamine to patients who quickly feel better and are grateful to finally get the help they need.

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