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S G Gasper Headshot 2 by KDI Health in Frisco, TX

Meet Dr. Gasper

Dr. Gasper is the owner and medical director of KDI Health Ketamine Clinic, which he founded in early 2021 in Frisco, TX. At the age of 17, he enlisted in the Marines, serving four years as a forward observer in the infantry. He then moved to Texas and obtained his BS in Biology from the University of Dallas. Dr. Gasper received his Medical Degree from UTHealth Houston in 2011 and went on to practice medicine in the DFW area for the past 10 years as a board-certified Emergency Physician.

Dr. Gasper was inspired to found KDI Health during the COVID pandemic of 2020 because of the effectiveness of Ketamine as a therapy adjunct for veterans and the larger community who may struggle with the management of depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

His mission and goal are to serve the North Texas community with a safe, reliable therapy to improve life for his patients.

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